10 Warning Signs That You Are Having An Unhealthy Body

We don’t always need blood test or X-rays to notice that we are not healthy. Our body is so unique that when we are happy it speaks, when we are sad again it speaks.
Similarly, when we are sick, it gives us signs. But many a time, we don’t even notice it and move on. Therefore don’t ignore these few signs and always check out your doctor if you notice these.

Sclera (The white part of our eyes)

It should always remain white. When we are very tired, our eyes may get red, hence, we get the indication. Similarly, whenever you notice a discoloration, never ignore it. Because it can be a symptom of jaundice, liver or gall bladder problems, hypertension or some viral disease.

Birthmarks or moles

Well, many people say having a mole is meant to be lucky. Most of them are harmless but in case if you have a problem that moles appear only when you get exposed to sunlight, then you should concern a doctor because this is not a birthmark.

Swollen neck

Now this is not at all normal. If you have swelling especially in front of neck, then it may indicate a thyroid problem. It is most common in women of age 20-50.

Gray hair

This is a very sensitive topic for everybody. Like girls freak or similarly boys also do. Basically, it depends on genetics, how and when gray hair grows, but if you have more than 50% of hair gray, it could be a sign of diabetes. You should definitely visit your doctor and keep checking continuously.

Red Palms

These can be due to dermatitis, eczema or even some allergic reaction to metal, drugs, food or drinks. It is sometimes even a sign of excessive labor or liver problems.

Loss of eyebrows

Eyebrows are the most important part of our face, and when they go, it hurts. So don’t ignore this. It may be due to a thyroid problem, hyperthyroidism or an overactive thyroid, or hypothyroidism or poor thyroid function.

Cool feet

It looks quite catchy to speak that you are having cold feet. If you have often then, you should know this that Cardiovascular disease is often first commenced from feet because they’re the farthest from the heart.

Red face

Girls look beautiful with all those naturally rosy cheeks. And so they are because of hormonal changes, occurs in women of age 30-55. They may be a result of temperature change and hot food. But many times it’s a sign of Rosacea, a chronic skin disease that affects women.


Our nails can go from good to bad to worst and hence, change in your nails shape or texture can actually indicate many different changes in your body, that is why it is important to pay attention to them. Inflammatory bowel disease, cardiovascular disease, and liver disease are just a few which they can easily indicate.

Cracked lips

Every night you might be using those lip healer creams and yes they are normally due to temperature changes or the wind. But if it is chronic or you have sores on the inside of lips then it might be because of lack of vitamin B or it might even be a fungal infection.


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