This Mission in GTA V created a big problem in my Family

It’s a Monday early morning 4 am, Myself with my kid started playing GTA game. We immersed into this mission deeply without knowing the running out of time. we are playing in this mission like in real world. Suddenly someone knocks the door and it’s my wife. she came from his father’s house with lunch.

She asked me, did he called you after finished his exam.??
Then i am be like!! What is the time now!! like that!! then she told its a 2PM Why you are here ?!! Our kid having exam today Morning , did he attended his final exams today like that she asked!!!
I am dazed , I forgot that exam day !! I Played this whole morning GTA V with my kid , without remembering his final exam day!!
Then She shouted at me!! Anyway i had a great time with my kid while playing this mission!!!

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