World War 3: India issues ‘HIGH ALERT’ after ‘Pakistan military attack’ kills at least six

INDIA has issued a “high alert” after an army base in the Jammu region was stormed by armed militants that killed at least five soldiers and a civilian during a period of high tensions between the two nations, it has emerged.

New Delhi declared that the Pakistani military group Jaish-e-Muhammad carried out the horrific attack on the base home to over 3,500 troops.

Shiv Dev Singh Jamwal, the police chief for Jammu, announced the high alert in the region.

He declared: “A high alert has been sounded in Jammu, and security beefed up in and around the city.”

Schools and shopping areas have been closed in a desperate effort to protect people from further attacks.
The father of a soldier that was killed in the attack declared that his son “died serving his nation”.

He added that the two South Asian nations should “come together and resolve their differences”.

He continued: “People are getting killed every day. India and Pakistan should come together and resolve their differences.

“Today it is my son; tomorrow it will be someone else’s.

“Something should be done to stop this bloodshed immediately.”

Jaish-e-Muhammad has previously carried out devastating attacks on the Indian region in Kashmir, along the Line of Control (LoC) that is the contested border separating the two nations.

Despite India pointing the finger at the militant group, no one has so far claimed responsibility.

The attack started in the early hours of Saturday when four militants entered the base armed with AK-47’s – nine other people were injured.
The four attackers were later killed by Indian Special Forces after a firefight that lasted a day, according to Lieutenant Colonel Devender Anand.

He explained: “The militants entered into the residential quarters where they targeted the family members of the army personnel. A junior commissioned officer and a noncommissioned officer were killed in the attack.

“The operation is still in progress.
“We are still evacuating the trapped family members of the forces.”

The latest attack is part of a series of moves that have sharply escalated tensions between the two nuclear-armed nations.

Most of the conflict between the two countries has taken place in the boundary separating the Indian-controlled region of Kashmir and the Pakistan province of Punjab.

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